28 April 2008

I'm sorry, Gym, she's dead... dead tired!

I came up with an idea. It's something that every serious gym should have. There should be someone... one person per gym (per shift) would suffice... whose purpose is to walk people out to their cars after their workout, when they don't have the use of their arms, and help them into said cars. This person could be called a valet, or some such.

Simple task. Someone gets off the weight bench, the adrenaline dies down, and suddenly his arms are like well-used rags, hanging uselessly at his sides, and he can't even
lift his own keys. He needs someone to lift his belongings, escort him out to his car, open the door, set the belongings (and patron) down in the car, and close the door.

Of course, this person would have to be trustworthy, because people would rely on him to open their lockers, so they would need to be able to trust that he wouldn't give out their combinations, nor take advantage of his knowledge of the combinations. He would also need to be able to pass a drug test. I don't have anything against the use of recreational drugs, really, but honestly, do you want to have a line of fifty effectively armless people standing in line waiting for the valet to return from toking a doob?

And it would be more than just convenient... It would be safer! How many muggers target gyms, knowing that the people leaving are too tired to defend themselves? I don't know either, but I'm sure it's a really high number. With a valet to help people out to their cars, people wouldn't have to worry, especially about that embarrassing part where the mugger yells, "Put your hands up!" and they're forced to respond with, "I can't. :'-("

So he would gather their things from their lockers, escort them to their cars, and help them in. What the patrons do after that, sitting in a car but unable to use their arms, is up to them.

I'm sure I could sell the idea. Now, if I could just figure out how I could make money off the idea.

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