30 January 2008

Hypothetically speaking...

OK, suppose, just hypothetically, someone who, Idunno... Someone who lookes a lot like me, for example... suppose this someone did something, like, for example, accidentally overwrote... Idunno... Let's say, this person overwrote Cisco's website. Just hypothetically speaking, of course.

What would you say to this person? I mean like, what do you think she... hypothetically, let's supposed this person is a "she"... what should she do? I guess I.... er, she... could make a big batch of cookies and send them to John Chambers. (He's actually pretty nice.)

Any other thoughts about what this hypothetical person should do?

I mean, it could have happened to anyone, right? And it's not like they aren't using Micro$oft solutions internally, which is really what caused this whole mess to begin with.

Or would have, if this weren't hypothetical.

Yeah. Hypothetical.

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