29 January 2008

Yearly Policy Revision

OK, it's like this... For the past several years, each year (except the year before last, during which I faked my own death for tax purposes) I made a New Year's Resolution. This year, though, things are different. Before the beginning of the year, I joined the ranks of the cursed... the hated... the scourge of the planet... the ulcer on the butt cheek of humanity... You guessed it! Management.

So, on January 1, following the schedule I had already laid out in my Outlook calendar, I outlined a new Annual Vision Statement.

This year's vision statement: Make Them Pay.

I like to keep my vision statements simple. Anyone can make a resolution to lose weight or spend more time with family. One year, I made a resolution to do both. So I went on the Atkins diet. First, I lost 30 pounds in like a month. Then, due to my suddenly lowered immune system, I caught a nasty case of strep and had to get my tonsils removed, and spent a week at my grandmother's house recovering. I couldn't eat for two weeks, so I lost another ten pounds.

See... If an engineer makes a resolution (or vision statement), she'll find a way to keep it, even if it has multiple parts.

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