10 January 2008

The Matrix Has Me

Now, normally, I don't do two posts in one night, but tonight is special. Also, I have no life.

First, I wanna give a shout out to my buddy, Scott. Scott has a blog, too, and I'm trying to get him more readers. You should check the blog out... It's even funnier than mine. Scott also does a comic strip.

Anyway, tonight, my Christmas present from my roommates arrived. It was actually my fault that it got here so late. Funny story.

So, anyway, my Christmas preset arrived. It's manufactured by Slappa, a company known for having a really weird name. The product here is the Velocity Matrix Laptop Backpack. My old backpack is really old and really cheap and is just something I picked up in Hungary when my previous backpack disintegrated through abuse. Slappa makes other types of laptop bags, too, but apparently my innate rebelliousness against my inner corporate drone is so strong that if I carry a standard laptop bag for more than two days I break out in hives.

Also, regular laptop bags don't work well with bicycling.

Anyway, so I checked out the niftiness of the backpack... This is by far the most awesomest-looking backpack I've ever seen. And it feels good, too. And it reminds me of those black suits in the circa 1984 version of Dune. The backpack is labeled as tearproof, punctureproof, and rainproof. We'll know soon enough. I'm not easy on my backpacks. I used to think that they should be able to take any abuse that I have to be able to take. Now, I've figured out that I can use them to shield me from said abuse. So they have to take even more.

So... The first test is one I've regretted not doing whenever I've had a laptop bag of any kind... I placed my laptop... my sweet, gentle, precious laptop... into the designated laptop section. I saw something I've never seen before: it fit! Don't get me wrong, my laptop isn't particularly large, but it's the biggest laptop I've had, and my smallest-ever laptop wouldn't fit in the laptop section of my last laptop bag. But this one fit. I was so happy I nearly cried. I gave my cat a big hug.

For which he bit me. Bastard!

Anyway, then I began transferring my belongings from the old backpack to the new backpack, a tradition as old as luggage technology itself. It took a while, not just because I have a buttload of crap in my old backpack, but because the new one has pockets. Many pockets. Of course, given time, I'll find that there are too few pockets, but since the pockets on my old backpack have long since ripped open and dumped their contents into the large, inner section, with my laptop, I could start organizing from scratch. teehee

The new pack was able to hold, without too much trouble, all the essentials a woman needs to take with her - my laptop, laptop power supply, the latest Harry Potter, a programming reference book, a USB card reader, my iPod, two iPod power supplies, my cell phone, the pager my manager wants me to keep on my belt, a blurred wallet-sized photo of someone I must have known, spare batteries for the camera I don't use anymore, my hamster, assorted flash memory, my Leatherman (the big kind), the power cable for my bluetooth headset I can't find (in case I find it), a bottle of nail polish, an unspent Starbucks gift card, a small flashlight, my handheld, a wireless network card for my handheld, a package of hemorrhoidal suppositories, the piece of paper that tells the security guards at work to let me take my own, personal laptop out of the building, the power supply for my handheld, a spare pair of panties, and the notebook containing the list of my enemies who will pay when I ascend the throne. I think my purse will fit in there, also. If not, I might consider phasing out my purse, because this backpack is just so gosh-darned cool.

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