05 February 2008

Hyperassociativity Scene

So, I was reading an article about Spasmodic Dysphonia, and that got me thinking... If I lost the ability to speak, and explained this to people (perhaps by writing notes), but indicated that the problem was only my voice, would they then, when speaking to me, speak more loudly, perhaps over-enunciating? I think so, and so do all the people whose opinions I asked. It's funny how people associate things.

For example, I've noticed a tendency for some men, mostly the less-evolved breeds, to associate a woman's lung capacity with the shape of her lips ("I'll bet she could suck-start a motorcycle") or her height with her athletic abilities ("Those legs don't quit").

Not that this phenomenon is restricted to the harrier gender... I once had a woman tell me that I look like a lesbian. Hrm. I wanted to ask her which lesbian, but I was afraid of the answer.

I'll never understand why people make these associations. I mean, I understand why people look at me strangely when I'm walking past and I hear someone say something like, "...brand-spankin' new wife..." and I reflexively say, "Kinky" and start laughing, but when someone leans over my cat and says, "What a pretty boy! You must be so sweet," and they reach out to touch him, they're almost inevitably surprised when he tries to take off a finger. Is the fact that he has coloration which humans find aesthetically pleasing supposed to be an indicator that one has permission to touch him? I don't see the connection.

But I know the connection exists. At least, in the minds of the insane people who run the world. I know that a responsible driver with a red car will pay more for insurance than a half-attentive driver with a brown car. This is because, in the minds of those who make rules, red cars like to get in wrecks. I also know that if I wear black pants and a black shirt at the same time people will think I'm depressed. Even if I try to explain that it's laundry day.

I know that the lyrics to one popular song indicate that the speaker associates another woman's butt size with her level of promiscuity. After all, there have never been any skinny sluts.

I know a transsexual who tried to donate blood. She was turned down because they said that any sex she could possibly have would be gay sex. She was a virgin who didn't use drugs and had a rare blood type.

I was told that I couldn't possibly be an engineer because I drive a standard and don't wear glasses and have XX chromosomes.

The list goes on, but the point is this: When I hyperassociate, I'm told that it's because I have a neurological disorder (ADHD) and need to take a pill. When someone else hyperassociates, it's because they must be right. After all, "How could a woman with such bodacious ta-tas be a Catholic?"

Oh, and for the record... I'm definitely not lesbian.

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