05 December 2007

Share the insanity

So, I was telling my roommies about a song that was stuck in my head. Not a normal, healthy song, mind you, but one that started coming to me while I was having a conversation with someone about a medical condition he had once had.

There's a part of my brain... I think it's located between the part that does crossword puzzles and the part that predicts the plots of movies... Its entire purpose is to create music that would get me kicked out of any decent liberal arts school. And that's the origin of this song.

So, anyway, I'm telling my roommates about it, and they tell me that I should put it in my blog. I kid you not... I believe the exact words were, "That's what a blog is for." So you have no one to blame but them (and yourself) if you read the following (not yet completed):

I can't fight this feelin',
Deep inside of me...
I feel like I've been violated,
Penetrated anally.

Yep, you guessed it... The song is about hemorrhoids. If I add more (I don't want to, but I'm sure I will) it'll have to be about the insurance company calling the surgery "cosmetic" and "experimental". I'm tempted to finish just so that I can see what happens if I fit the word "experimental" into a song.

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