09 December 2007

Revenge of the cookies

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I'm now thirty-mumble years old. And I made cookies. I used to make them every year at this time, but it's been a couple of years, so to make up for it I made three batches.

My friends got together Friday night, using my birthday as an excuse, because we would all be busy with other stuff on Saturday. We had pizza and my cookies. So far, so good. I had also taken some cookies to work to share with people there. And the trauma begins...

Apparently, everyone who ate a cookie got food poisoning. At first, I wanted to blame the pizza, because I can't be sued for that. But then someone who didn't touch the pizza got sick. And the child who stole a cookie got sick. I got less sick than the others, but I've been in the military, so a little salmonella doesn't phase me much.

So I'm thinking aboout the cookies I have left, and wondering what I should do with them. I could mail them to D.C., but that could end badly for me. I could give them to my former manager, who kept trying to get me fired, but he did call to wish me a happy birthday, so I might feel guilt. I could give them to my mother, but that would require speaking with her.

I guess I'll have to eat them for now. What better way to win that weight-loss contest with my roommate than to give myself food poisoning?

On a side note.... They really are the best-tasting cookies I've ever made. I'll post the recipe later.

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monica ann said...

dear ashley:

at last: in a sea of mediocrity,
is here..to rescue me...! :)

love your blogs!
"annals of a ren nerd" I WORKED
the tex renn fair one year.
attended many times. AND:
high school: major friends circle with the whole AD&D gaming and also
did my own rpg game....
hit: nancon,aggiecon,etc..

hey! what's the fun of food poisoning if you can't share it with family and friends! right? :)

prediction: I read Tarot also btw... we're gonna be fast friends.
i adore the humor and the way you think..you're a kindred spirit
ashley and quite original..

"don't ever change and never start"
as the song by Fleetwood Mac goes.

monica ann
space city usa
(houston: for those of you in
cut-n-shoot texas and loma linda