13 May 2008

Some questions...

  1. Would a bisexual hermaphrodite be considered gay or straight?
  2. If nothing can touch a jellyfish without being paralyzed, why are there so many baby jellyfish?
  3. Why do we have to pay taxes on both our income and our spending? Didn't we get taxed already for the money?
  4. Also, why do we pay taxes on money that we pay taxes with? If we never recieve the money, because it goes to taxes before we get it, then it wouldn't count as incom, because we never got it, right?
  5. Why are P.E. coaches overweight?
  6. Why are judges referred to as "your honor"? Was there a time when there were honorable judges?
  7. Why do lawyers have an official code of ethics?
  8. Why does a country run by oil companies give tax breaks to people who drive alternative-fuel vehicles?
  9. If we're entitled to a jury of our peers, why is anyone who knows the defendant disqualified?
  10. If men think that lesbians are sexy, why do they bash gays?
  11. How is it that when I'm unemployed, I'm turned down for jobs that I apply for because I'm overqualified? Wouldn't that be a good reason to hire me?
  12. Why do "peace officers" carry guns?
  13. How was Microsoft able to show in court that it invented the word "windows"?
  14. Without looking in a dictionary... What's the definition for the word "the"?
  15. Why does the biggest producer of network equipment in the world (no names here) have the sorriest internal network?
  16. If the police aren't allowed to say that someone committed a crime, even after they're found guilty, but instead have to continue to call that person a "suspect" forever, why are they allowed to make the "suspect" in their computer simulations look exactly like the defendant?
  17. Why do people love to watch "Law and Order" and read John Grisham, but whine when they're called for jury duty?
  18. How can anyone say "creation science" with a straight face?
  19. Why is a system that requires everyone to perform the same under the same conditions considered unfair to some but not to others?
  20. Why is the only species on Earth to study evolution also the only species on Earth to try to keep it from happening?
  21. If census forms come in the mail, how does the census bureau know how many homeless people there are?
  22. How do surveys manage to report the percentage of persons who fit a category but refuse to admit it?
  23. Why are people universally afraid of cancer? It's almost always curable, and yes, if it's left untreated it can kill you, but so will strep throat, ear infections, food allergies and even bad teeth. Why aren't people so afraid of them?
  24. Why are there no laws against criminal stupidity?
  25. Why is there a beach ball sitting on my desk?
  26. Why is suicide illegal?

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HermitJim said...

All very good questions...when do we get the answers? Is there a test later?

Keep up the good post!